Friday, May 25, 2012

SGT Jasper E. Leonard, B Co 743rd Tank BN

My family puts flags on the Veteran's graves in my hometown of Red Oak, NC every Veteran's Day week and Memorial Day week.  I am always curious about the stories of each lost hero we visit.

I have found out that Red Oak, NC's, Jasper Leonard was in Company B, 743rd Tank Battalion.  I am trying to find out more info on him.  I believe he won the Bronze Star.  I have attached a photo of his grave site.

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Byron Moore


  1. I realize this post is a year old, but I wanted to give you what minuscule information. I can confirm that SGT Jasper E. Leonard was awarded the Bronze Star.

    My grandfather served in the service company of the 743rd and I've been reading through "The Combat Story of the 743rd Tank Battalion", a book put together by the Battalion at the end of WWII. Sgt. Leonard is listed among those awarded that medal. I have also acquired several months worth of daily action logs. If I come across more information on Sgt. Leonard in those I'll try to post it here as well.

  2. My father was Commander of the 743rd Tank Battalion, Lt. Col. William D. Duncan. He took command sometime in June 1944 after Lt. Col. Upham was shot. I'm in the process of adding a section to our family website honoring the 743rd. As I have the time, I'm going through my dad's after action reports. My sister has a lot of personal records that my dad kept in her attic and plans to sort through them at some point.