Monday, February 13, 2012

SSG Clarence A. Smith, HHC 743rd Tank BN

from left to right, Boyd Glidewell, Clarence Smith,
Donald Mason, taken at Enunclaw, Washington, August 3, 1942

7 boys from Iowa
6 boys from Minn.
2 boys from Mo.
The rest from all over the states

Iowa Boys.
top and reading right.
1.Schouten - Orange City) Bottom row.
2. C.A. Smith -
3. Jessen -
6. Sac. City - Shade.
8. Mason - Des Moines.
Sec. row
7. Des Moines.
8. A. R. Smith. - Sioux City.

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  1. I just found out that my great-uncle was in the 743rd and did a google search on a whim. Yours was the 2nd site I found, and here is a photograph of him! Do you have any more information about where it came from?