Friday, February 17, 2012

Heroes of "Old Hickory"

There is an independent documentary film being made, directed by Lew Adams, that features the war experiences of the 30th Infantry Division (ID). The 743rd was attached to the "Old Hickory" Division for the entire war (excepting the Normandy Invasion where the 743rd was part of the 116th Infantry Regiment, which was temporarily attached to the 1st ID...whew) As you peruse the web site you may find a contributor to this blog from Belgium, Mr. Vince Heggen! In the film there are also "stories within the story" featuring a survivor of Hill 314

at the battle of Mortain: a mini Battle of the Bulge that involved many of the same American and German units. I'm excited to see this film when it comes out and I do hope the ending, which is yet to happen, unfolds the way the director hopes with the 30th ID finally getting their Presidential Unit Citation. I wonder if because it is a National Guard Unit it has been denied this commendation for so long. We shall see!

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